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Transition Your Fall Skincare Routine with These Tips

Fall is officially here, and that means it’s time for shorter days, longer nights, and cooler temperatures. But even though the sun isn’t as visible as it was during the warmer months, doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t still need protecting. In fact, maintaining a proper skincare routine during the changing season is just as — if not more — important for happy, healthy skin.

Tweaking Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Fall is a season of changes. Temperatures start to drop and the leaves on the trees turn red, orange, and yellow. But the weather isn’t the only thing that changes. Your skin goes through quite a few changes, too. Because of this, you should switch up your skincare routine to accommodate your new skincare needs.

A Word from our Estie Besties

We partnered with professional estheticians in the Black Girl Sunscreen on their top tips to help your skin stay hydrated and moisturized as we transition into fall weather.

Envy Aesthetics Studio: “Stay on Top of SPF”

Though it may be cloudy during fall, you still need SPF. Sunlight penetrates through the cloudy sky and reflects off water. Wearing SPF everyday will prevent sunburns and free radical damage that accelerates skin aging.

– Lashane Barett of Envy Aesthetic Studio (@envyaestheticstudio on Instagram and TikTok)

Sugarmoon Salon: “Harness the Power of Vitamin C for Radiant Autumn Skin

As we bid farewell to the scorching summer heat and welcome the crisp, cool embrace of autumn, it’s easy to assume that our skincare routines need a significant overhaul. After all, the sun’s intensity wanes, and we tend to spend less time basking in its glow. However, there’s one skincare secret that remains crucial all year round – sunscreen. 

But here’s the twist: there’s an additional secret weapon to combat sun damage and premature aging in the fall – vitamin C. This superhero ingredient for your skin goes hand in hand with your sunscreen, Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to brighten the complexion, fade dark spots, and boost collagen production. However, what many people don’t realize is that vitamin C can also enhance the effectiveness of your sunscreen helping your skin stay healthy and radiant throughout the autumn season.

– Paola Girotti of Sugar Moon Salon,

My Skin Plug: Your Fall Skincare Routine, Starts Now!

The transitioning from summer to fall means the humidity slowly becomes lower and the weather gets colder which means your skin is slowly going to get drier. For the the dry skin girlies, its time to brace up!!! Here are some skincare tips for all skin type to help you through fall as we slowly welcome the cold winter.

Select a good moisturizer: Moisturizers are products that lubricates the skin, supplies moisture to the skin, maintain and restore skin flexibility. Good moisturizers also prevent the evaporation of moisture and smoothen the skin. A good moisturizer should be formulated with humectants, occlusive and emollients. When purchasing a moisturizer this fall, look out for moisturizers that contains Squalene, mineral oil, lanolin, ceramides, glycerin, lactate, propylene glycol, lactate. A great tip for the dry skin girlies (go for thicker creams and extra moisturizing sunscreens like The Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 – which contains great emollients like avocado and jojoba oil.)

Incorporate hydrators/humectants: Start adding hydrating toners, essences or serums that contains humectants like lactic acid, Sodium hylauronate, glycerin, centella,sea moss, hyaluronic acid, snail filtrate, green tea. Humectants pulls moisture from the atmosphere and below the skin when the humidity is lower than 80%. Hydrators are essential as they will aid in reducing inflammation, plumping the skin and preventing dullness.

Book your peel session: This is the time to get that peel you couldn’t get during the summer. Book a consultation with your aesthetician to find out the right peel for your current skin concern and to get your skin prepped. PS: Do not get peels done at home!!

Lip care: Protect your lips with a lip spf during the day and moisturize with a lip balm or oil at night.

Up your body care game: Use nourishing body cleansers that comes in oil to gel form to soothe and protect skin. Moisturize with a hydrating body serums and or moisturizers..look out for ingredients with colloidal oat meal, lactic acid and urea. Seal in moisture to create a barrier on your skin to prevent moisture loss with thick oils like coconut oil, avocado oil and butters and balms (especially those that contain petrolatum).

Avoid over cleansing: Limit Cleansing time to 30-60 seconds. Avoid hot baths and showers stick to lukewarm water. Switch to gentler exfoliants like Lactic acid and mandelic acid. Wear your Sunscreen everyday, All day.

Tomi @ My Skin Plug,

Why does your skin care routine need to change in the fall?

Finding the perfect beauty regimen is hard. And if you’ve finally perfected your summer skincare routine, the last thing you probably want to do is start over. But updating your routine for the changing seasons is essential because even though it’s not as sunny, sun damage is never too far away.

Sun protection is a major part of every skincare regimen, even during the fall and winter months. Your skin tends to dry out as the weather cools down, so you might experience more flakiness, tightness, and even irritation, making hydrating super important. For this reason, having a proper skincare regimen is the best way to combat the cold and protect your skin from potential damage.

Essential Tips for Fall Skincare

Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to care for your skin in the fall and winter. But if you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can follow these quick and easy tips instead. Take a look!

Apply Hydrating Cleansers & Serums

Cleansing is always the first step in every proper skincare routine. But unfortunately, many cleansers on the market contain ingredients that dry out your skin, which can potentially set back your skincare progress.

If you want to ward off dryness, be sure to choose cleansers and serums that are specially formulated for hydration. Look for ingredients such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid, which boost your skin’s ability to absorb and hold moisture as well as protect the skin barrier.

Use Moisturizing Lip Care for Dry Weather

Lip dryness is a frustrating problem that many people struggle with in the fall and winter. The cold, dry weather can do a number on your lips, leaving them cracked, peeling, and painful.

To avoid the frustration, you need a reliable moisturizing lip care product. And fortunately, our dual-action Make It Pop Lip Gloss is formulated with SPF 50 and hyaluronic acid for sun protection and hydration.

Opt for Richer & Thicker Moisturizers

After cleansing, moisturizing is usually the next step in any good fall skincare routine. Not all moisturizers are created equal, so it’s crucial to choose the right one for your skin type. For extra protection in the fall, shop for rich and thick moisturizers designed to lock in moisture.

Don’t Forget Your SPF

The sun might not shine as bright in the fall, but sun protection is important all year long, which is why sunscreen is a must for every season.

A good SPF 30 sunscreen protects your skin no matter the season. And luckily, our moisturizing formula not only protects your skin but hydrates it, too, making it great for everyday use. Or, if you’re obsessed with pumpkin spice like we are, our limited edition Make It Spice SPF 30 face lotion and body spray really capture the warm coziness of the season’s most popular drink.


When you’re adjusting your skincare routine for fall, don’t forget to consider your skin type. It’s essential that you choose products that work for your skin for the best results. This includes sun protection, so be sure to make SPF a part of your beauty regimen all year long.