Our Story

Our story begins with the need for a sunscreen brand that caters exclusively to women of color.

From carrying expensive umbrellas to the beach to avoiding the sunshine all together, women of color have come up with their own methods of protecting their skin. For years, sunscreen has been tailored to light skin individuals, leaving behind a visible white-residue on our darker skin sisters. Blotchy makeup and white residue were enough to keep people from truly enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Our founder thought it was about time to change that.

In 2016, Shontay Lundy created Black Girl Sunscreen, a 30 SPF lotion formulated for women of color. Made with melanated skin in mind, BGS dries completely clear and protects melanin without the white-cast.


Today, BGS is making moves! From hitting the shelves of Target and Ulta to global expansion, Black Girl Sunscreen has grown exponentially because of you ;). The goal of BGS is to start the conversation globally around sun safety to educate and protect melanin beauties worldwide. Now with three products, we’re saying Black does crack and it’s in our power to protect it.