The Best Outdoor Activities for Fall and Why You Should Use Sun Screen

Listen, you know you need to get some exercise just like you used to when it was warm. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and everything was good, but now that fall is here you don’t want to jog, bike or do anything.


Look, I get it. Fall leaves look amazing but that crispy chilly air is a no-go. You don’t have to stay in the house and become vitamin D-deficient sis. Take this time go on a hike, a walk or even a jog if you’re feeling up to it.


Just remember skin care for fall is important when getting ready for an outdoors activity.


Fall Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Apple picking, hayrides, camping, and taking a scenic route through the country are great ways to still spend some time outside.


As women of color sometimes we suffer from seasonal depression and a lack of Vitamin D. We need to get outside as much as possible during this time of year. Gather your family members and closest girls to go horseback riding or simply take a walk.


Pick up something warm along the way too. Coffee or hot chocolate can give you that extra motivation to stay active and enjoy this time of year.


Rent a cabin and have a bonfire with some amazing music. You can barbecue and make an entire event out of it too.

Skin Care Matters Year-Round

While you’re busy doing all these activities you better go ahead and smooth some sunscreen on your face too. Your body is probably going to be covered up so don’t worry about your legs and arms.


Make sure to put your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen on to make sure your skin remains flawless while taking that fall hike.


There are two things working against your skin during the fall. Sunlight and chilly dry weather. Look, the sun is still shinning just as powerful as before even if you don’t feel the warmth.


That means UV rays are penetrating through your melanin and causing your skin to wrinkle and dry out. Add the chilly weather into the mix and your skin is bound to need to moisturizer.


As women of color, we take pride in our youthful looking skin. Our melanin needs some TLC, especially in the fall.  Correct skin care for fall helps you to defeat chapped skin.


Final Thoughts

Sunscreen for ethnic skin should be used while you’re out doing fall activities. Even though the sun isn’t as easily visible, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.


When fall rolls around you probably wonder what you can do to stay active. Sure the sun isn’t shining as bright and you can’t relax at the beach but you can explore local parks and go for bike rides and hikes.


Skin moisturizer, sunscreen for black girls and the right amount of exercise will help you find something to do on chilly fall days.