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Women-Owned Businesses to Support This Month

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of women throughout history. The month also includes International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year’s theme, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” encourages everyone to challenge gender bias and inequality and create a more inclusive world.


One way to support this mission is to prioritize supporting women-owned businesses. Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges in the business world, but their success and growth are essential for the economy and society. By supporting women-owned businesses, we can help close the gender gap and empower women to achieve their full potential.


Skincare & Beauty Businesses to Support

Here’s a list of skincare and beauty businesses selling Black Girl Sunscreen to support during Women’s History Month.


Glo Skin Space

Glo Skin Space is a Minneapolis-based business run by three black female partners, Haneefah King, Felicia Permenter, and Champane.


Haneefah King graduated top of her class as a Level 6 from PCI, where she discovered her passion for skin care. This passion has led her to become a sought-after esthetician at Glo, where people come to seek her expertise. She’s also a certified nursing assistant and helps patients in postoperative care.


This expertise lets her and her team provide a range of state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures for women, including laser liposuction, belly tightening, and “wood therapy” which helps to break down fat and cellulite.


Why Glo Skin Space Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

To serve and pamper our guests in the most indulgent way. To create a harmonious healing environment for all to enjoy. To offer exquisite experiences each and every time. The reason I retail BGS is because 80% of my clientele is African-American and often new clients have never used a sunscreen, I like having what clients need most.


Candour Beauty

London-based Candour Beauty is another black-owned enterprise specializing in products for women of all backgrounds. The company elevates the buying experience for today’s multicultural woman by offering the best experience in beauty and wellness e-commerc


Candour Beauty has the mantra, “finally, a place that loves you,” reminding black women of the inauthentic spaces that exist in modern society.


Candour Beauty sells a curated collection of various beauty and personal products globally. The company works closely with brands to maintain their high ethical standards.


Why Candour Beauty Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

At Candour Beauty we scour the world for products that help women feel beautiful and make it accessible to Black women. Black Girl Sunscreen filled a noticeable gap in the market that others neglected. BGS 30 was our very first product when we launched in 2020 and continues to be one of the best sellers on We love the growth of the brand so far and the new wave of black owned women led businesses globally!


Sugarmoon Salon

Pala Girotti founded Sugarmoon Salon in 2002 after deciding women needed more natural solutions to beauty and hair removal. The company focuses on formulating products and services in a wholly pure way, using dozens of ethically-sourced ingredients and herbal extracts.


Why Sugarmoon Salon Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

Here at Sugarmoon diversity in skincare is very important to us. We have a vast variety of clients and staff from all backgrounds and skin types so we needed a sunscreen that reflects that. We use sunscreen as a last step in all of our facials and having this product on our shelves and back bar allows us to finish our facials with something that suits EVERYONE and won’t leave a white cast on our melaninated clients. Since bringing BGS into our stores it’s proved to be a must have for everyone at Sugarmoon. 


Integrative Pharmacy


Compounding pharmacy from Integrative Pharmacy creates personalized medications for patients based on their specific needs. In the past, local pharmacists used to make customized remedies for the sick, and now compounding pharmacy has become a specialized niche that works closely with prescribers and patients.


When a prescriber sends a prescription to a compounding pharmacy, they make the medication from raw ingredients. This allows pharmacists to create a drug tailored to the patient’s unique requirements when a commercially available product isn’t suitable. Compounding pharmacy offers a solution to patients’ problems by working collaboratively with their prescribers. Therefore, it’s perfect for women seeking appropriate medications for their conditions.


Kanvas Beauty

Lastly, Kanvas Beauty is a skincare retailer based in Australia on a mission to provide women with eco-friendly and vegan products regardless of their skin tone or ethnicity. The company started after its founders decided they needed to develop their own skincare solutions. They had had many skincare conditions between them, including acne, rosacea, sunburns, hyperpigmentation, and allergic reactions. Now they sell a range of products designed to help skin recover its vitality.


Why Kanvas Beauty Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

The very first brand to sign on with Kanvas Beauty was Black Girl Sunscreen. We had always wanted BGS on board, as being a WoC-owned and operated retailer, we were all too familiar with the issues faced by people of colour when it comes to finding suitable sun protection. And as we’ve said before, wearing Black Girl Sunscreen isn’t just a necessity for UV protection: it’s also very much a product that enhances the way your skin looks and feels. None of the formulas are heavy or greasy, and the ingredients are nourishing. We all have a tube of it at home!