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The Best Sun Protection for Your Dog

As sunscreens begin to fly off the shelves each year, many dog owners start to wonder if their furry canines also need protection from the sun. While you may think that your pet’s fur may offer enough guard, we always recommend that they use sunscreen as well. The risk of sunburns and skin cancers remains high in pets like dogs, which means ample protection is necessary for their safety and happiness.


Fortunately, dogs can also wear certain sunscreen like humans, making it easy to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. Keep reading to learn the do’s and don’ts of sunscreens for your dogs. 


Can You Use Human Sunscreen on Dogs?

While it can be easy to think that you and your dog can share the same sun protection, you must not use human sunscreen for your pet. This is mainly because the regular sunscreen you use likely contains zinc oxide and other ingredients that your dog may find toxic. So, instead of sharing, we suggest grabbing any notable sunscreen formulated just for dogs, as they will not contain any harmful materials.


Where to Apply Sunscreen for Your Dog?

After picking sunscreen for your canine, you may quickly find yourself in a tricky spot where you have no clue how to apply it to your pet. However, while getting around all that fur may seem complicated, putting sunscreen on your dog is much simpler than you think.


Firstly, you will want to make sure that your canine is not allergic to whatever product you choose, so spray a tiny amount on one spot and wait to see how your pet reacts. Once they signal that everything is OK, you can begin targeting the spots that receive the most sun exposure, such as the bridge of the nose, their ear tips, their thighs, and so on. Essentially, you will need to apply sunscreen on any area with light fur or pigmentation.


We also recommend paying close attention when applying sun protection around your dog’s head, ensuring that it doesn’t get into their eyes. Once you have rubbed the sunscreen on all the significant areas, you can wait about 20 minutes for the protection to be absorbed, and then you, and your dog can head out for a safe day in the sun.


Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid

Picking the right sunscreen for your dog is essential for a healthy and fun day out. Like humans, many canine breeds can also receive sunburns and skin cancer, which makes it dangerous to leave them out for too long. Naturally, this means keeping a handy list of what ingredients to avoid when selecting sunscreen for your pet will be crucial for their safety.


Zinc Oxide

Generally, you will want to avoid anything with zinc oxide. This chemical can be highly toxic to your pet, leading to dangerous symptoms such as diarrhea, seizures, and extreme tiredness. In some cases, your dog may also require surgery to treat the damage caused by zinc oxide.


Titanium Dioxide 

While titanium dioxide may play an active role in your sunscreen, it can be harmful when ingested by pets. Naturally, the tremendously high chances of your dog licking their fur after applying sunscreen make this an ingredient that we suggest you avoid. If your dog ingests titanium dioxide, it can lead to stomach upsets that ruin you and your pet’s day.


Sunscreen Allows Your Dog to Remain Protected

At Black Girl Sunscreen, we love our pets and believe that they deserve the same amount of protection from the sun as we do. This affection for our furry friends is why we remain committed to ensuring that all our products are cruelty-free with no animal testing. By using the appropriate sunscreen on our dogs, they can decrease the risk of sunburns and skin cancers while enjoying as many days under the sun as they desire.