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How to Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

Wearing sunscreen is essential for everyone and plays an important part in your daily skincare routine. No matter your skin color, sunscreen is best for everyday use to protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.  


As wearing sunscreen is essential, you may already apply sunscreen each day as part of your skin care routine. But, to keep your skin protected, you also need to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day! The CDC experts recommend that sunscreen be reapplied every two hours, and after you have been in the water or have perspired heavily. But you may be wondering about the best way to reapply sunscreen on top of makeup without ruining your glam look. We have the answers right here to keep your makeup looking flawless and your skin protected from the sun.


Read on to learn how to reapply your sunscreen over your makeup to ensure your skin is protected right through the day – without the white cast!


First Things First – Prepping Your Skin Before Makeup


Whether your skin type is oily, dry, combination, or something in between, keeping up with a regular skin care routine is essential to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, while also protecting from UVA & UVB rays that can lead to skin cancer. Following an effective skin care routine will only help to keep your skin clean, protected, and healthy. 


A strong AM routine gets your skin off to the best start each day, ensuring that it is clean, moisturized, and protected before you apply your makeup. Starting your routine by cleansing your skin to remove any oil and dirt and then moving on to toning your skin before applying moisturizer are all staple parts of your morning skin care routine. But there is one final step that you should never skip, and that is applying sunscreen. To take the best care of your skin, sunscreen should be applied every day as part of your AM skin care routine and then regularly throughout the day.


Putting on sunscreen before you apply a full face of makeup is the essential final step in your morning skin care routine. Additionally, putting on your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you head outside is crucial and applying it before you start your makeup routine is important. Black Girl Sunscreen acts as the perfect primer and provides a protective moisturizing layer that leaves your skin ready for makeup.


Check out this Instagram reel where Chanel shows how to apply our OG Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 before creating her “Chill But Still A Big Deal” makeup look: 



The Real Question: How Do I Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup?


As stated, application of sunscreen every two to three hours is essential to continued sun protection, but after perfecting your foundation and flawless makeup routine, you may be reluctant to smother sunscreen over your face. You will be pleased to know that it is possible to reapply your sunscreen, protect your skin, and ensure that your makeup stays looking perfect. The answer to this skincare dilemma is to use a beauty sponge.  


Using a beauty sponge is the #1 method to reapply sunscreen over your full face makeup. Popping a beauty sponge in your bag and keeping it with you will mean you can reapply your Black Girl Sunscreen on the go and keep your skin protected wherever you are. 


Check out this Instagram reel to see a demo showing how to reapply sunscreen over your makeup without ruining your look, starting by putting your Black Girl Sunscreen to the back of your hand:



Tips & Takeaway


Making sunscreen a part of your regular skin care and beauty routine is a great choice for overall your beauty and skin care health. Sunscreen and beauty go hand in hand. Using sunscreen maximizes your overall beauty and makeup routine to ensure that you are always safe (and moisturized!) in the sun.


Black Girl Sunscreen not only keeps your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays but can also enhance your beauty routine. Black Girl Sunscreen provides an ideal protective base for your makeup and is available in a choice of formulas. Depending on the look you are trying to create, you can take your pick from our versatile Black Girl Sunscreen formulations for maximum protection of all skin types, including Make it Matte SPF 45 and Make it Hybrid SPF 50. Whether you want to create a glowing natural makeup look or a matte look with full-on glam, we have the perfect sunscreen lotion to make it happen.


Black Girl Sunscreen has the high level of protection you need to keep your skin safe in the sun. Making Black Girl Sunscreen a part of your everyday skin care and beauty routine will help guard your skin against sun damage. Get the perfect base for your makeup with Black Girl Sunscreen, and then reapply your daily SPF as often as you need throughout the day without spoiling your makeup look.