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How Effective Is Spray Sunscreen? Our BGS Business Owners Chime In

Sick of missing those hard-to-reach parts like your feet, back and shoulders when applying your sun lotion? Then you need a spray sunscreen instead. The good news is there are some serious benefits to choosing a spray sunscreen over a lotion, and to find out what they are, all you need to do is read the post below. We connected with some of our favorite business partners to get their take on how and why they use Black Girl Sunscreen’s spray sunscreen in their summer routine.

Serein Naturals

“Make it Glow is the sunscreen spray I’ve been waiting for! It goes on COMPLETELY CLEAR and is super easy to rub in! It smells great and now I have the summer glow I’ve always wanted while staying protected.”  

Owner of Serein Naturals, Angela Wells

The Skin Gym 

“As an esthetician sunscreen was the #1 product I always had trouble recommending to my melanated clients. I was introduced to BGS & instantly fell in love. Not only for the wide variety of products, & lightweight ingredients, but also their love for empowering strong women & sisterhood. The Make It Glow & Kids sprays give a nice, even coverage & leaves skin dry to the touch. Easy to reapply & the perfect size for your tote or beach bag. The skin is our largest organ, & protecting it ensures we all age gracefully.” 

Owner of The Skin Gym, Tennille Gossom

Canada Black Owned Marketplace

“The Black Girl Sunscreen, in all variations, sells very well in our stores. We have bought in the past the Make It Glow Spray, Adults and Kids Cream variations. Some customers love the spray version of the sunscreen, as they feel it is very convenient for them to just “Spray, Spread, and Go”. They also love the cream variation for its consistency and smooth application.  Our customers become even more excited about the “glow” on their skin after applying all variations of Black Girl Sunscreen. 

The name is so fitting for such a great product, no white cast and makes the skin look so healthy and glowing. 

This is a great product, and we love it. 

Team of Canada Black Owned Marketplace

Awa’s Marketplace 

“The Black Girl Sunscreen Make It Glow spray has made such an impact on my life that I can’t help but share my excitement. To be honest, I used to apply sunscreen only to my face and neck, but when I tried Make It Glow spray, it changed the game for me! I now carry two cans with me everywhere – one in my car and one in my bag for when I’m on the go. Plus, this is now a staple for me when I am on vacation. Not only does this product provide excellent protection for my skin, but the radiant glow it leaves behind is simply immaculate. 

My routine now involves applying a bit of shea butter and then spraying Make It Glow on my arms, legs – anywhere that’s exposed. The result is a beautiful glow that never fails to earn me compliments. Seriously, I could have a million dollars if I counted up how many times someone has said “Okay Skin!!”. I was so impressed with this product that we couldn’t resist including it on our online marketplace, and our Tribe members have fallen in love with it too. Black Girl Sunscreen is truly doing something special! 

Thank you for creating such a fantastic product that protects our melanin and aligns perfectly with our mission at ÀWA Marketplace. We believe in the power of representation and providing our Tribe with products that celebrate diversity and cater to our unique needs so we are so happy to offer this product to our Tribe.”

Owner of Awa’s Marketplace, Temilola Adedipe

Is Spray Sunscreen Effective? Yes – Here’s Why

Unless you enjoy wrestling with a messy lotion bottle covered in sand, spray sunscreen is a better and more convenient choice. After all, spray sunscreens tend to be much more lightweight and easier to massage into the skin than lotions, leaving behind less residue, stickiness and mess

Spray sunscreen is easier to apply than lotion

Spray sunscreens are also just as effective as sun lotions too as long as they are applied correctly.

Additionally, the spray nozzle can also help you reach those harder-to-reach places and make the application of the sunscreen faster as you can cover a larger area in less time. All of this means you get to spend more time safely in the sun, and less time applying and re-applying your suncream.

Spray sunscreen is absorbed faster than lotion

Another great reason to choose spray suncream over lotion is that they tend to be absorbed into the skin much faster. What this means is you won’t have to wait ages before you can get out there and enjoy the sun, or until you can dress as there’s less risk of a spray suncream rubbing off in your clothes and damaging them.