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4 Black-Owned Beauty Businesses to Support in 2023

At Black Girl Sunscreen, we are all about recognizing and honoring the contributions of black people and black businesses. Black History Month is a time for us to reflect and celebrate the challenges and successes of Black individuals and businesses, as well as, an opportunity to encourage pride in our heritage and strive for success in the future.

The Importance of Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

When we support a Black-owned business, we are making a financial and conscientious investment to promote representation, in a local setting and in the world at large.

By making a purchase from a Black-owned business, we are also working to reduce racial inequality and strengthen communities by increasing economic opportunity so we can close the racial gap in every aspect. We want to support and highlight some Black-owned businesses that have used our products so you can pay it forward!

Black Skincare & Beauty Businesses to Support

Curly Girl Shop Canada

It’s not just about what goes on in America, but about the world at large. Based in Toronto, Canada, Curly Girl Shop is dedicated to delivering opportunities to reinvest in the Black community at every turn. 

Beyond catering to Black females with the appropriate products, Curly Girl Shop is taking considerable steps to support the Black community. Every time somebody shops at Curly Girl, they are contributing to the self-styled Curly Girl Foundation. CGF supports Black community organizations through initiatives like breakfast and lunch programs to provide disadvantaged children with meals at their local school. 

Why Curly Girl Shop Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

Black Girl Sunscreen is a product we personally use and love. It’s a safe, highly sought after product that we trust using on all members of our families. Curly Girl Shop highly promotes and recommends Black Girl Sunscreen on our site due to their high quality and effectiveness. It leaves no grey cast and in its wake, it leaves healthy lovely glowing skin. We are proud to support and represent this brand as a mutual Black owned company and firmly believe in striving to build and work together to keep our products and dollars within our communities.


Jamaican-Canadian cousins Alesha Bailey and Samantha Newell started YARD + PARISH out of a deep love of their Jamaican heritage. Based in London, their ethos is about sustainable products being more accessible while supporting Black-owned businesses. 

Their brands either represent a specific tradition in a Black community or aim to serve products specifically for Black people, while also aspiring to bring their community together at the same time! 

Why Yard + Parish Loves Black Girl Sunscreen: 

We stock Black Girl Sunscreen to make sure that people of colour feel seen and catered to, no matter where in the world they live. But for us, it’s not just about serving the underserved. As mainstream skincare brands begin their journeys toward inclusion, it’s important to us that we help Black-Owned companies like Yard + Parish dominate the industry and grow their reach. 


Dr. Kristian Edwards made the transition from educator to entrepreneur with BLK + GRN. Once she discovered products marketed to black women contained more harsh and harmful chemicals compared to other demographics, she strove to create a very own marketplace featuring products all created by Black Female Artisans.

The core of BLK + GRN is about highlighting Black-owned Indie brands striving to make a range of products that cater to black people without disproportionately harmful chemicals. As a result, she compiled a Toxic Twenty list of harmful chemicals she avoids at all costs, passing on her knowledge to Black customers. 

Another key part of her ethos is about “Buying Black and Living Green.” All of BLK + GRN’s products are natural and cruelty-free, but the goal of the business is about communicating, above all else, it’s about self-love! We couldn’t be prouder of having our products as part of BLK + GRN.

Why BLK + GRN Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

Black Girl Sunscreen was one of the first products we carried on BLK + GRN. What drew us to partnering with BGS, is how intentional and unapologetic you all were about making your product for Black women. We were drawn to this bold choice that aligned with our ethos.

​Glow + Flow Beauty Supply

From skincare to human hair and a variety of personal health and wellness products, ​Glow + Flow provides a place for Black women and girls to find their perfect look so they feel comfortable in their own skin. 

In addition to wigs, extensions, nails, and body products, ​Glow + Flow understands the importance of organic high-quality products that are suitable for all Black skin types. Providing authentic products for Black people, Glow + Flow is a business that, first and foremost, provides real support to all Black women.

Why Glow + Flow Beauty Supply Loves Black Girl Sunscreen: 

Glow + Flow Beauty is committed to Black-owned brands and it is important that our customers have both Black owned options and educated beauty advisors to assist them with their purchases.  We know that it is a myth that black people/black women do not need sunscreen but we did not want to offer just anything to our customers that might be filled with harmful chemicals.  We believe that Black Girl Sunscreen is the best option for our Melanin Magic and we feature and suggest it to our customers regularly.

At Black Girl Sunscreen, seeing our products being associated with businesses that really give support to the black community makes us feel like we are working to make a real change, and we couldn’t be prouder!