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Protected While They Play

A sunscreen that soothes without the sticky white residue


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Intentional Kid-Friendly Ingredients


Soothes sensitive skin and provides inflammation relief

Shea Butter

Softens dry skin with every application


Moisturizes and nourishes the skin with nutrients

Made for Kids That Love The Sun

Protect your child’s skin with a sunscreen made for skin in mind.

BGS Kids

50 SPF

with moisturizing ingredients. 

Start them young...

Wearing sunscreen is essential for young people of all complexions. It’s important we encourage sun-safe skincare at a tender age to keep our children protected and reduce the risk of melanoma. 


By encouraging sunscreen use at a younger age, kids develop the proper behaviors to make healthy decisions as they grow. 

...because your child's skin matters.

Our broad spectrum sunscreen rubs in clear to protect your child’s skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. BGS Kids protects while soothing, hydrating, and healing the skin. Whether they’re indoors or having fun in the sun, BGS Kids has them covered.

Other ways to protect your child’s skin are to take breaks in the shade, wear a hat to protect their scalp, and reapply SPF 50 sunscreen every 2 hours. 

Protection for everyone!

BGS Kids promotes wellness and sun safety for the enitre family.

BGS Kids

50 SPF

with moisturizing ingredients. 


Created by a Black woman with a diverse team that will always put customers first.

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