The Black Girl Sunscreen: 2023 Beauty Supply Highlight

Sun protection is a vital part of skincare for every skin tone and type. That is why the team here at the globally retailed brand Black Girl Sunscreen (BGS) is committed to making our products available in local communities. We’re also committed to supporting communities and businesses that are making waves in the area of sun protection and safety for all, including those with darker skin tones. Learn more about our amazing beauty supply store vendors below.

Ahni Beauty Supply

Two ladies shared a dream and wondered whether it could become a reality. If you’re reading this, then you know it is reality. These ladies of AHNI Beauty Supply dared to enter the beauty supply marketplace in an environment dominated by corporate entities with dissimilar cultural backgrounds. As others have also climbed this mountain of obstacles, so did the founders of Ahni Beauty Supply; with their funding, determination, and the help of their families, Ahni Beauty Supply was born.

Although the enterprise is a business, it is grounded in family. At their core is caring for one another and the customers, our friends. Ahni Beauty Supply treats everyone with respect and dignity. In keeping true to who they are, they desire to help you beautify your hair, body, and spirit.

Why Ahni Beauty Supply Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

We chose black girl sunscreen because it was requested by our patrons. Once we stocked the product we realized how great of a product it is with a variety of options. A lot of our customers are excited when they see that we carry the BGS brand. Last, but most important we are proud to carry black owned brands!

Curly Gurl Luv Beauty Supply

Curly Gurl Luv was born out of a commitment to bridge the gap and create a modern one-stop shop beauty supply store for people with curly, coily, kinky, and thick hair. Curly Gurl Luv is a community for black, brown, and multicultural women to shop, learn natural hair care, and celebrate their beauty! Christina Smith and her husband are the co-founders of Curly Gurl Luv. As a Los Angeles native and former special education teacher, Christina is passionate about investing in communities of color. Together, they have worked to curate a space designed for us, and by us.

Why Curly Gurl Luv Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

Curly Gurl Luv is a proud retail partner with Black Girl Sunscreen because their product is ‘black girl magic’ in a bottle. They embody our mission of celebrating our unique beauty and empowering women to grow in “self luv.”

Icon Beauty Supply

Janelle Cato, CEO and Owner of Icon Beauty, who was born in Tacoma Washington but moved all over the country due to her father’s military service. She also has a 9-5 working for the Army for 13+ years and counting. Janelle currently owns and operates Icon Beauty Supply as a beauty supply franchise. Her goal is to give people an iconic beauty supply experience, while also documenting her success, learnings and self-discovery efforts as an entrepreneur on the blog element of her website.

Why Icon Beauty Loves Black Girl Sunscreen

Icon Beauty Supply is a proud carrier of Black Girl Sunscreen. We love to support black women owned businesses and BGS aligns with our goals of promoting diversity and educating people of color. The collaboration of brands is definitely ICONIC!

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