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The Importance of Supporting International Business for World Trade Month

Sun protection is a vital part of skincare for every skin tone and type. That is why the team here at the globally retailed brand Black Girl Sunscreen (BSG) is committed to making our products available internationally. We’re also committed to supporting communities and businesses that are making waves in the area of sun protection and safety for all, including those with darker skin tones.


After all, if we want to see a change towards better sun protection, skincare and beauty inclusivity for all skin tones, we have to be that change! With that in mind, World Trade Month is the perfect time to introduce you to BSG’s top international skincare business picks that are doing the work in terms of inclusivity. Check out our recommendations below!


Rich Skxn

Rich Skxn is a leading Black-owned business in the beauty and skincare industry, founded in the UK. Founded by Abi Shokeye, they stock a range of skincare brands developed by Black-owners for melanin-rich skin including Black Girl Sunscreen. 


Abi Shokeye is passionate about the representation of black and brown skin in the beauty industry. She developed Rich Skxn as an international skincare business in response to the under-representation of darker skin tones within the industry and is committed to educating those with melanin-rich skin about the best products for them, and how to achieve their skincare goals. 


Fontana Pharmacy

Currently owned by the daughter of the original founder, Fontana Chang, Fontana Pharmacy is a leading pharmacy chain in both Jamaica and worldwide that stocks products for all skin tones. 


Started over 50 years ago by Fontana’s father, Fontana Pharmacy was originally both a fashion and pharmacy store until it became very clear that the demand for pharmacy products like beauty and skincare items was much greater. Over time it  became Chang’s senior’s mission to listen and act on the needs of customers, primarily of darker skin tones for better skincare and beauty products, so it’s no surprise that they began to stock BGS. 


Indeed, Fontana Chang following in the footsteps of her father, sought out BGS after customers began asking for a sunscreen that is both gentle on the skin, and lightweight and that works with makeup.


International entrepreneur Jessica Usenbor founded THEKÜR in 2018 when she noticed the need for more inclusive skincare in the Middle East. 



THEKÜR is all about inclusively. In fact, providing high-quality, and personalized products to all individuals is Usenbor’s primary mission. Indeed, when Jessica Usenbor discovered that those with melanated skin + textured hair continued to be underserved by the skin and beauty industry she made it her goal to correct this. 


BGS are of special interest to THEKÜR as Usenbor highlights the continuing disparity between the beauty industry’s core advice to protect skin with a sunscreen, and the lack of sunscreen options for darker skin tones. 


At just 25 years old, Adelaide the founder of Unrefined Riches has been making a splash in the beauty and skincare industry since 2018. 


Unrefined Riches

Unrefined Riches is based on Adelaide’s own experience with products on the German and European beauty markets that did not meet her needs. From this frustration, she began to formulate her own blends focusing on darker skin tones, as well as curly and frizzy hair types. 


Central to Adelaide’s goals for Unrefined Riches is that all people have the chance to feel good in their skin, no matter what their skin type and tone, and that is why she stocks BSG sunscreen.