5 Skin & Beauty Small Businesses to Support in 2023

The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses


Looking for a way to build up your community, create jobs and opportunities? Then there’s a simple way that you can do your part while also getting everything you need to live your life to the fullest. By supporting small, local-owned businesses in your community, you help make society a fairer place and empower individuals in their local communities.


Here at Black Girl Sunscreen, we’re all about supporting small businesses. In fact, it’s a big reason why we began our business in the first place. We’re passionate about helping businesses that do their part to spread sun protection and sun safety via their business. And we’d like to take an opportunity to support some of them right now by highlighting a handful of companies that are doing fantastic things to elevate their communities. 


Skincare & Beauty Businesses You Can Support Today


Afromermaid Skincare

We could all do with listening to what Sybil Bailey has to say. She runs her business with a simple but all too frequently overlooked standard of service. As she says, “everyone, and I mean everyone, will be treated with kindness and dignity.” 


Her company, Afromermaid Skincare, was set up to make skincare accessible to all, regardless of their background. Based in Knoxville, her facial and skincare services offer her clients’ minds, bodies, and souls a healthy dose of tranquility. 


For Sybil, her work allows her to blend two of her passions: skincare and social justice. After all, a person that feels good is more likely to do good. We could do with more Sybil Bailey’s in the world, and we hope that you’ll support her business. 


Why Sybil Bailey Loves Black Girl Sunscreen: 

“I came to the beauty industry later in life. After thirty five years in corporate America and came with a specific vision, to nurture people and support black businesses. Using Black Girl Sunscreen allows me to do both. I chose BGS because it’s black and brown friendly (no cast), but also because the formulations work for all of my clients, from no makeup (Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30) to full glam (Make It Glow SPF 30). My BGS rep is a pleasure to work with and supports my small black, woman-owned business.”


De La Derma

De La Derma doesn’t just want you to have a great home skincare ritual. It wants to make sure that you’re only using products that contain ingredients that are safe. The founder of De La Derma, Noelle Valera, understands the beauty industry better than anyone, having worked in the industry for six years at various high-end spas and retail skin care shops in San Francisco.


While immersed in the skin care industry, she noticed that while people paid a lot of attention to the effects of the skin products they used, they typically paid zero attention to the ingredients contained within those products, which could often be described as “horrible.” 


She knew something had to change and set out to do it. De La Derma functions as a marketplace where people can find the skin care products they need, secure in the knowledge that those products contain safe ingredients. As well as her skincare marketplace, Valera offers uplifting skin care services in the Bay Area, Utah, and Los Angeles. 


Why Noelle Valera Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

“As soon as we heard there was a sunscreen specifically made for and by people of color.. we had to try it, as our shop is centered around POC creators. In the treatment room, I’ve always felt like other sunscreens ruin my whole treatment. It would take away the glow that I just spent the last hour giving my client, but SPF is so necessary for post treatment. When I first started using Black Girl Sunscreen in facials I felt like it not only protected the skin but ADDED to the glow!!! I was so impressed. We have BGS SPF 30, BGS Kids SPF 50, and BGS Matte it Matte SPF 45 in our shop now and our first two years of business, it was the #1 top sold product!!! Forever now a staple in our shop!”


Skin Studio 112 

Lorin Cumberbatch, owner of Skin Studio 112 in Michigan, is a testament to what humans can achieve when they have a goal in mind. Her dream was to open a spa that would service the black community, and, in the process, break all the stereotypes about black skin.


Her journey nearly came to an end after she had to file for bankruptcy after her son needed heart surgery and she herself needed back surgery. Did that stop her? Not a chance. She began anew with a positive mindset, eventually opening a spa which went on to become one of the most successful black-owned businesses in the area. 


Skin By Cam


Cameron Cooper is a man who knows the importance of good skin — and the challenges of getting it. As a young man who struggled with acne, hyperpigmentation, and texture, he set out to learn everything he could about skin care. And what he discovered led to the creation of his very own company, Skin By Cam


While his products are available to everyone, he’s particularly attuned to the unique skin concerns that people of color typically experience. His products work to combat the effects of acne, razor bumps, sun damage, and other factors that can compromise the quality of a person’s skin. 


Why Cam Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

“Having the opportunity to retail with Black Girl Sunscreen made it possible to continue to educate people of color on the importance of sun protection. Having an option that leaves no white cast, feels beautiful, and provides the necessary protection helped encourage my clients to wear sunscreen. My retail sales increased by 20% year over year by having an affordable SPF option, and my clients love it!”


​Blackshere Beauty 

If you want to look good, then you go to Blackshere Beauty. After all, the owner, Starr Blackshere, knows everything there is to know about beauty. She’s dedicated her life to beauty education, and in the process has become one of the leading makeup artists, cosmetologists, and tattoo artists in Brooklyn. At her concept studio, you’ll find makeup artistry services, glam waxing services, and high-quality retail products available. 


Why Starr Loves Black Girl Sunscreen:

“We are so happy to carry BGS! At Blackshere Beauty, we added BGS to our retail offerings because we noticed how our clientele truly appreciate purchasing black owned products as well as investing in their self-care rituals. Our clientele is super savvy, self care conscious and loves to travel! This is why BGS is an easy purchasing choice in our studio. BGS offers our clients confidence when they blend the product on their skin and see zero color or residue. BGS performs as promised, protecting our skin from hyperpigmentation and sun damage while keeping us looking good and healthy. This is why we love it!”


There are plenty more small businesses that we could celebrate, but we thought we’d give the ones we’ve mentioned some special support. After all, they’re all doing fantastic work!